Been There, Done That, Got The T Shirt

Frustrated with the lack of free resources and support during individual encounters with ‘burn out’, the Safe Space Co-founders - Dani, Helen and Leanne collectively agreed on a need for change.


Joining forces, they set about creating a remedy that would move beyond traditional awareness, enlisting the support of an external workforce of clinical professionals, volunteers and brands, enabling them to provide tangible solutions that help improve community well-being.

Helen Hope

After a prolonged stint of unemployment & financial uncertainty, I finally reached my breaking point. Struggling to find quality, affordable support, I became motivated about providing a service that would prevent others from going through the same. Researching and reaching out to people in my network, it became clear that I wasn't alone in my frustrations and so, what started out as a support group quickly evolved into a social enterprise.  Having spend several months developing the Safe Space concept, It’s incredible to see how far we've come in such a short space of time, which makes me very hopeful for the future of mental wellbeing in Dubai.  

Dani Hakim

I’ve had an on and off relationship with depression and anxiety my whole adult life. Until the birth of my children a few years ago, I had just accepted that I was wired this way and just muddle through. On paper I had it all, but my mind would never let me really enjoy what I had because I was so absorbed in what was missing. A big turning point for me was when I finally got my head around self-care and started to love myself a little more. Big shifts have happened and the light at the end of the tunnel shines brightly. I can’t wait to help others find their light.

Leanne Sherlock

Since leaving my job at the start of 2019 I found myself in unfamiliar territory. it was a stressful time for me but it also provided me with the free time to spare, to be able to pursue a lifelong dream of helping others. I've always felt my purpose and path was greater than just a pay cheque. I've always dreamed of creating safe spaces for those in need and connecting with Dani and Helen has allowed me to do just that. Working together has reminded me of my purpose and created a new enthusiasm and appreciation for the importance for mental health awareness.

True Progress Moves Beyond

Traditional Awareness.

We know that in order to change the behaviours and attitudes of society towards mental wellbeing, we need to work together, collaborating with other brands and individuals that share the same vision.

Our Ambition

We want to provide FREE support to our community 365 days a year

Help us make that dream a reality by partnering with us and allowing our team of professionals to create a long term programme for your organisation.

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